What is this:

It is a set of scripts, mostly on gawk , and some files are on LaTeX .

All this allows you to generate sets of tasks in higher mathematics. (here is a sample of all tasks in pdf).


The generator can be installed on a USB flash drive or hard disk. It can also be installed directly to the desktop. It is important to have no spaces and special characters in the full name of the folder where you install the generator.

For installation, simply download the file en-gzd.zip and unzip to the selected folder.

Instructions for use

The interface is a folder tree (starting with gzd\en), where the folders with the names of tasks are located.
Inside, there is a file remake25 (or remake25.bat), "clicking" on which, you will get 25 options of tasks in different formats.
The easiest way to see them is to click on the view (or view.bat ) file.
You can change the number of task options by renaming remake25.bat to remake30.bat , for example (the number in the title is the number of options).
Samples of all tasks types can be found in gzd\en\Samples

Find the forgotten answer

by the option number here: gzd\en\ANSWERS\Responses for the query. Go there and click remake .

Updating and adding new tasks

You can quickly install updates. Just go to the gzd\en folder, click on the update.bat file,
You can find out about the new version by opening the gzd\en\News about updates.html
News about the generator is usually published in the blog (go there from time to time) and in telegram channel https://telegram.me/generatorzadach.

Change tasks wording and translate into other languages

The English version of the generator is awfully translated. If you need English, you will have to correct the wording. The tasks were written using the \newcommand command and are located in the en-zadan.tex file. If you do not like them, you can override them with the \renewcommand command from the ru-user.tex file. Like that:

It used to be in en-zadan.tex :

       How many sepules are needed for the sepulle?
Now it has been added to en-user.tex :
\ renewcommand{\ZsipulkiZ}[1]{%
       How many sepuleks should be completed with a sepulary?

If the English interface does not have a task that is in Russian ( autotranslated list of all tasks is here), then you can add it. For doing this, you need to:

  1. Find in gzd\ru-zadan.tex the task in Russian, translate into English and add it to gzd\en-user.tex.
  2. Find the desired line in gzd\ru-zdn.bat, translate it into English and insert it into the gzd\en-user.bat
  3. Run gzd\en-user.bat

Russian version of this program have more facility ( autotranslated russian readme.html is here). So, if you need the generator in English, contact me and we will make an acceptable English version together.

If you need a generator in another language, then it's very simple: just translate all files starting with ru- into the desired language and replace the ru- in the name of the files for the desired letters. It would be nice if someone would do this with me.

Running in Unixes

Since the main part is written in gawk and TeX, simply generating tasks will work in Unix as well.


echo 25 0 InternalName | gawk -f awk-lb.awk -f gzd-lb.awk -f main.awk -f user.awk> main.inp
gawk -f awk-lb.awk -f gzd-lb.awk -f main.awk -f user.awk YourFile.ini> main.inp
will generate input data for the task.

(For example:

echo 25 0 ZplZ | gawk -f awk-lb.awk -f gzd-lb.awk -f main.awk -f user.awk> main.inp
Will make 25 options of the task. The list of internal names can be found in en-zdn.bat )

and command

latex en-main
pdflatex en-main
will do the rest.


with the developer can be implemented through the blog or the mail generatorzadach @ yandex.ru.
Alerts about bugs and new versions will be delivered via telegram messenger https://telegram.me/generatorzadach. There is a chat room for discussion at https://telegram.me/generatorzadachgroup .


(c) Anton Finogenov generatorzadach @ yandex.ru
Blog of the project
license GPL . Source code can be viewed at here .